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HCH recieves 2013 Excellent Quality Supplier award from Bajaj Auto

2014-05-16 Date: Booth No:

James HU, General manager for HCH bearing in Asia says, “It is a true honour and highly satisfying to receive this recognition from Bajaj Auto. We started delivering bearings to Bajaj Auto in 2005. Their demanding requirements and high quality standard is a positive challenge for us that we have been able to meet. We are very proud to be an engineering partner helping Bajaj Auto to build even more efficient and high performing motorcycles.”


“HCH is one of our key suppliers. To receive this award, the supplier has to be very skilled in engineering and manufacturing, and be able to deliver a very high quality performance. It is expected that HCH’s high technology focus and knowledge brings value to Bajaj Auto and provides a great benefit to us when designing future motorcycle models. We can see a strong partner in HCH and look forward to growing together,” says, CEO, Bajaj Auto.

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