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Strength of HCH
HCH works closely with its customers as an engineering partner, starting with the initial stages of system development. The HCH Group has invested heavily in research and development with its own new R&D centers. Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering enables us to optimize bearing designing solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers. We will analyze future market trends, prepare ourselves for technological development and other tasks to meet future needs.

Ultra-precision machining technology The HCH commitment to bearing innovation and performance has been more than 30 years of bearing manufacturing experience to back it up. HCH has unmatched expertise in forming precision products and machining technology. We are always aiming to make NO.1 quality bearings.
Vertically Integrated Manufacturing System By adopting vertically integrated manufacturing system, the HCH Group has developed technologies, machines and control systems in-house to achieve reliable and flexible manufacturing processes which enhance the HCH position as engineering partner for its customers.
Cultivation of growing market HCH brand products are used in wide applications e.g. automotive division for applications in engines, transmissions, chassis, alternator and starter motors. The next step is entering into aerospace application. The cultivation of growing market continues.
Globalization The HCH Group is managed as an integrated unit, across national boundaries. Group-wide functions and standardized processes ensure consistent, quick decisions. Sales agencies and companies in all markets guarantee customer proximity. The globalization strategy is keeping forward.

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