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Ultra-precision machining technology
HCH has cultivated ultra-precision machining technologies as it has developed its bearing operations. By continual innovation and integrated solutions, we are contributing to increasing power density and thus improving machine performance. Also, we continuously work to increase the energy output.

HCH is investing more than 15 million USD per year to improve its facility efficiency and production efficiency.

From year 2001 to year 2009, HCH already imported 100 lines from Japan for high precision bearing manufacturing. In the meantime, HCH also brought the Japanese technology and improve it to a higher level.

HCH applies full automatic grinding lines and assembly lines. At the end of year 2009, HCH has finished all 280 production automatic production lines. Standardization Process is further confirmed.

HCH also applies centralized filter system, which is the grinding oil filter and cooling system. By applying this system, it is guaranteed that the grinding oil for machineries will be always cooled and fresh; further to improve the inner ring and outer ring grinding effect and efficiency.

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